From Alternative Marine Power to WIDENING. NSB Marine Solutions GmbH offers convenient service packages which enable customers to focus on the business areas which are most important to them.

NSB Marine Solutions is a sought-after partner for maritime logistic and associated peripheral services. Modules can be ordered separately or combined in bespoke packages. NSB Marine Solutions was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of REEDEREI NSB. The objective: to sell the experiences of the long-standing German ship manager to customers around the globe.

Today its service portfolio comprises 20 individual services divided into four categories: management systems, commercial services, energy efficiency & environmental services, and technical consultancy.




Chinese Harbours Sludge & SPRO


Vessels served


By adding a section at amidships of older vessels, we increase the ship’s capacity and efficiency. Apart from more cargo space, lower fuel consumption, higher vessel stability and stable operating cost, the new dimensions and decreased speed significantly lower CO2 emissions per ton and mile.

Bunker metering

Avoid any disputes during bunker process. Our bunker metering system is based on coriolis technology and gives you the best figure of what your vessel bunkered. The accuracy of the system is 99,7 %. Our product is developed together with SIEMENS.

24/7 Efficiency Monitoring

24/7 efficiency monitoring transparency and clear structures as well as data evaluation options and the ship-to-shore transfer of measurement data will make daily work on board and on land easier for our partners. The data collected on board are processed and provided in a way that they can be called up “at the push of a button".

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