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These joint ventures show that the NSB GROUP's on-site culture is more than just shortened reaction periods in the operative day-to-day business. It combines local commitment and a thorough understanding of the regional mentalities with a global economic orientation. The employees and executives at our various branch offices all come from the respective regions. 

Local and international customers active in the areas can rely on both competent contact persons that are familiar with the local conditions and profound knowledge gained in three decades of container shipping. The local dynamics ensure that owners and charterers working with Asia Marine benefit from the combined competencies of the NSB GROUP and a seamless access to Asian markets – no matter if they require the full range of ship management services or crewing, supply chain, and spare part supply services. The tailor-made consulting and other services provide effective support worldwide as well as partnership assistance in managing shipping projects in Asia.


74.900.00 square meters

of Indian Ocean separate China and Europe. But thanks to modern day shipping, distances between continents shrik enormously. This process is shaped by people like the employees of NSB Group: With an understanding of different cultures, knowledge and customer-oriented service.


Our agents based in the respective ports act as owner’s agents. Thanks to excellent local contacts, they smoothly coordinate arrangements with authorities, tugboat operators, harbor pilots, and linesmen and manage the delivery of provisions, spare parts, and mail to the ships.


Asia Marine covers the entire spectrum of crewing services: recruitment, training, transparent crew management, pay-roll and accounting services. Asia Marine relies on an extensive regional network and works with state-of-the-art crewing software, providing high transparency to the customers.


Asia Marine’s offices in Shanghai and Busan are located in the world’s leading shipbuilding nations and provide access to the maritime industries there. The customers of the NSB GROUP benefit from their extensive networks and cost-efficient supply services on site.

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The easiest way to benefit from the NSB GROUP’s broad maritime service portfolio is through NSB Marine Solutions. The company offers bespoke packages worldwide.
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