SAN PALLISER crew rescued 3 fishermen

Fishermen and boat taken aboard safely off Honduras coast

16. March 2021

Dominique Kreuzkam

A small fishing vessel was spotted in distress on the 13th of March, around 4 PM (local time), off the Honduras Coasts (16-17.59N 088.01.83W)Unfortunately, the fishing boat was drifting due to engine loss, and the San Palliser crew was contacted to salvage the three fishermenAt 5 PM, the San Palliser arrived at the fishing boat position and within 15 minutes, the three fishermen, Gerson, Erlin, and Carlos, onboarded safely. To prevent further damage to the fishing boat, it was heaved up on the deck. The fishermen were tired but thankfully did not suffer from any injuries. NSB crew made sure the fishermen were provided fresh clothes, food, and cabins to rest on boardThen, San Palliser headed to Santo Tomas Port (Guatemala) where local authorities took care of the fishermen on land.