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Supply of Technical Spares & Solutions

Services for in-time vessel supply

Shopping for shipping: as part of our integrated and modular panel of shipping services, we take charge of the procurement part of the shipment.
ship spare parts
Supply of Technical Spare parts

We develop a strong network of suppliers which enable us to obtain spare parts in short delays, and with the best quality-price ratio.

Owing to our experience for many years as a fleet manager, we benefit from particularly favorable framework agreements as well as an optimized procurement of goods and logistics.

For the best store, spare, and catering experiences.

Auxiliary Engine Cylinder Exchange Based Product (AEX)

In partnership with STX Engine, we developed a new solution to optimize the maintenance of the auxiliary engines. Instead of waiting for the spare parts to be delivered or overhauled, we provide you a kit with all the spare parts needed to reassemble the engine. Our services include a pre-inspection, the supply of the spare parts, the completion of the overhaul, and assistance for the reassembly. To be able to complete the overhaul in such a tight delay we rely on our network and provide already overhauled parts, to be able to supply you when our customers need it.

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