Crane moving containers

Commercial Management

our service for a busy fleet

Shipping involves a wide range of services: selecting the right crew, having proper spare parts available whenever and wherever needed are only two of them.

Crane moving containers

We help our customers taking care of the vessel employment contracts, which means in detail:

Seeking and Negotiating Employment for the Vessel

Arranging for the Provisions of Bunker Fuels

Estimating and Accounting

Calculation of Hire Freights

Appointing Agents

Arranging Surveys concerning Commercial Operation of the Vessel

“Handling the commercial aspect of your vessel means having a strong focus on the commercial figures to create a benefit out of every vessel’s employment and to decrease the operational costs wherever possible. Our added value in this field: we have extensive experience and a strong network that assist us in finding the most attractive solutions quickly and efficiently.”

Markus Thewes
Chief Commercial Officer

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