Everyone pitches in

28. September 2021

Dominique Kreuzkam

Managing Director NSB Claim Solutions

Sanne Hauschildt

It is actually only a small part of the farm, a total of three out of 16 hectares of land. The fruit farm lies behind the dyke facing the Elbe passing „Das Alte Land“ (the old country), the largest contiguous fruit-growing area in Europe. „We tend and harvest our fruits with the whole family“, Sanne Hauschildt, Managing Director of NSB Claim Solutions, explains: „And recently also with our daughter and son-in-law, who live in their tiny house standing on the farm. Even though everyone tries to lend a hand, it still is very much work to do, which I, unfortunately, can only support partially.“

And yet it is this work and life on the countryside, in and with nature, that Sanne Hauschildt appreciates. „I always drink my first coffee outside. Every swallow is greeted by its own name and there is a lot of space to our nearest neighbours. This distance is also good for guitar music, preferably loud: Punkrock, Grunge, Pearl Jam, since my youth.“ She visits as many festivals and concerts as she can.

Outside, that is also where the sailors are and to whom Sanne keeps close contact with. A short while ago a mother of a young officer who had to disembark in the USA due to a serious illness, called to thank Sanne for taking care of her son. He is well again and she finally is able to sleep peacefully. „Feedback like this goes straight to the heart“, Sanne says afterwards: „Helping is so easy and it also makes you happy.“


At officers’ conferences the Hamburg-native talks about insurance claims, damage to ships, avoiding reefer claims. Everything she says, she says with a smile and the air of „you know what I am talking about.“ And they do know.

That makes her a direct part of the fleet, among people, who don’t see their families for months, no trees, only water. Yet she came to shipping late through working at NSB, her family has a long history in this industry, though. „My father, my grandfather, all of them worked in seafaring and sailed themselves. I always preferred to stay home, the up and down of the water didn’t agree with me “, she laughs.

Sanne started working at NSB in 2003. Her business is NSB Claim Solutions, which means covering ships with insurances. This mainly involves clauses, negotiating contracts and premiums, but also handling claims – for ship, cargo, and crew. „The chances were quite unfavorable when we decided to found NSB Claim Solutions. The broker market resembled a shark tank, some were eaten, small new shoals emerged. Our numbers show, however, that we continue to be on the right way.“

“The foundation of success is a well-functioning team. We all tick the same way, have the same aspirations. It is our values, our characters and our humor, that harmonizes our work, almost like a second family. Plus – we are quite good in our jobs. Surround yourself with a great team and the rest will (almost) run itself.”

Sanne Hauschildt
Managing Director NSB Claim Solutions

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