Greener Campus thanks to ‘Sustainability Ambassadors’

24. July 2023

Lina Wörner

The 'Green Team'

NSB trainees make the campus more sustainable

When we launched the Sustainability Ambassadors project at the end of last year, most of our trainees were rather subdued. They were taught the basics of sustainability in several educational modules and when we started talking about personal projects, they became more involved. A few key points were enough to elicit a wide variety of project ideas from them. Quickly everyone had found his or her heart’s project.

Just a few months later, our campus has become much ‘greener’ in some corners:
Two wildflower meadows with more than 100 square metres were planted and now shine in bright colours around the staff car park and in front of the canteen terrace. They serve as a food source for native species and provide them with a suitable habitat. Insect hotels have the same effect, which is why we upgraded the existing but insufficiently filled insect hotel. It also received a green roof consisting of sedum, a fat plant that has a large water storage capacity. Green roofs store rainwater and allow it to evaporate slowly. This creates a more balanced climate, filters polluted air and produces additional oxygen.

The NSB Campus has also gained a real eye-catcher. With the support of our NSB gardener Marion Limberg, we have found the perfect place for a butterfly spiral in our park: right next to the butterfly bush. The total of 14 different plant species are a real magnet for native butterfly species and for bees. Thank you for your tireless support for Markus, Katharina and Marcel’s projects!

Sustainability has also been rethought in the NSB building. Although waste was already separated at NSB before – now there is also an additional container for organic waste in every kitchen. Separating waste is an important part of using our resources in a caring way. Signs in German and English explain how to separate waste correctly and what belongs in which bin. Many thanks to our Facility Manager Matthias Schnackenberg for supporting Melanie’s project.

With creativity, a little research and relatively little effort, big steps can be made towards sustainability.
The next project will follow in September and the first ideas for 2024 have already been born…

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