Huge visions

13. July 2023

Lina Wörner

Meet our employees

Huge visions

When NSB was looking for someone to digitally transform its training practices, Aditi Das looked for a company that expressed her knowledge of “digital” training: The goals complemented each other – it was a match.

Her interest in easily transferring knowledge and education to any location arose when she was working on her thesis on digitizing the training of water professionals at SRH Heidelberg. She studied the Master of Engineering in Water Technology there. Her mentor introduced her to the topics of ‘augmented’ and ‘virtual’ realities. The thesis was very well received by the university and professors and Aditi received an award. This honor motivated her so that she wanted to further specialize in developing ‘digital’ training.

As ‘Learning Experience Advisor’, Aditi follows her innovative learning vision and develops online training, makes it interactive for learners and introduces Augmented and Virtual Realities into NSB GROUP’s learning practice.

Scan the QR code on the right to get an impression of how Augmented Reality works.

“I am happy to contribute to the modern training and learning concept of NSBacademy. Together with the modernization of the simulator we can bring realistic training scenarios to life” says Aditi.

In her free time, she likes to watch and read stories and interviews, what helps her staying motivated.

Aditi, we look forward to more visions from you.

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