International Day of the Seafarer

25. June 2024

Dominique Kreuzkam

International Day of the Seafarer

NSB GROUP appreciates dedication of seafarers worldwide

On the occasion of International Seafarers’ Day on June 25, as member of the German Shipowners’ Association, NSB joins the statement of the VDR and the German Seamen’s Mission. They are calling for an immediate end to attacks on merchant ships.

In many regions of the world, ship crews are increasingly exposed to considerable risks due to armed conflicts and criminal attacks. On the occasion of International Seafarers’ Day on June 25, the German Shipowners’ Association (VDR) and the German Seamen’s Mission are urgently calling for an immediate end to attacks on merchant ships on the world’s oceans.

The Red Sea is currently unsafe due to attacks on merchant ships by Houthi rebels. The background to this is the conflict in the Middle East. Large parts of the Black Sea also remain a war zone and risk area due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine – and therefore a danger zone for shipping. In addition, tensions between China and Taiwan and in the South China Sea continue to rise. And the number of pirate attacks is also increasing worldwide.

“Our seafarers are the backbone of the global economy. Their dedication and sacrifice deserve the highest respect and recognition. Thank you for keeping the world moving!”

Tim Ponath
Chief Executive Officer

“Attacks on our seafarers violate international humanitarian law and are unacceptable. They endanger the lives of the men and women whose indispensable work secures the supply of our societies. Geopolitical conflicts must not be carried out on their backs. We are very grateful that the German Navy contributes significantly to the safety of our seafarers through its participation in international operations,” emphasizes VDR President Gaby Bornheim.

Matthias Ristau, Secretary General of the German Seamen’s Mission, also recalls the 25 crew members of the Galaxy Leader cargo ship who were taken hostage on November 19 last year and who must not be forgotten: “The seafarers must be released immediately. On this day, we think not only of the innocent seafarers, but above all of the families who are worried about their loved ones.”

“The importance of seafarers to our country and the global economy cannot be overstated. We stand together at their side and will continue to do all we can for their well-being,” Gaby Bornheim and Matthias Ristau jointly state.

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