“You are a woman, and we don’t need you!”

08. March 2023

Dominique Kreuzkam

Meet our employees

“You are a woman, and we don’t need you!”

This is a quote, that our Newbuilding Site Manager in China, Oana Dumbrava, heard too often in her maritime career. She graduated from Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at University of Galatz in Romania in 2005, she worked in different fields of shipbuilding and outfitting jobs for shipyards all over the world. Currently she supervises two ship constructions, 1,220 TEU and 508 TEU container vessel.

She says her career path was paved with prejudices and refusals based on being the only woman in a club of many men – a phenomenon often seen in the global shipping industry. She learned to cope with it – by sheer engineering competence and the will to reach her goals.

She was faced with structural obstacles in the male dominated industry, which did not see women in jobs that are directly connected with on-hand shipyard tasks: “But I managed it, and I became the only Quality Control Inspector woman within Hull Quality Control group, together with 14 guys.“

She got used to becoming “the only and first one”. “My two best female friends, who were both working in the same Yard at Piping Design and Hull Outfitting Design, started becoming inspired by me and my professional achievement adventure. I seriously considered transferring from Design Department to Quality Management Department.”

Meanwhile, she was working on cruise vessels for a Scrubber Project Retrofit, sailing to Australia, the USA, Canada, and Alaska. Later she switched to a company with an office in Dubai. There, within the Technical Department, she was again the only woman engineer, being sent worldwide on board vessels for 3D scanning and other technical job-related activities. “Later on, this Company sent me to China on two different shipyards for Project Installation jobs, and guess what: I was the first and the only expat engineer woman.”

Oana, we’re pleased to have you in our team!

NSB Communication Team

Dominique Kreuzkam (he/him) & Lina Wörner (she/her)