New LNG design by NSB GROUP

23. March 2022

Dominique Kreuzkam

Cruising range of up to 6.700 nm with LNG or MGO

New 2.500 TEU Eco Feeder design

NSB GROUP is proud to present its latest development with an LNG-propelled 2.500 TEU Eco Feeder design with 312 FEU reefer capacity.

NSB GROUP developed a concept of a fully LNG operated 2.500 TEU container vessel, designed to have a significant 20% CO2 emission reduction right after delivery when using LNG as primary fuel: a truly game-changer!

We are still convinced of our previous 3.500 TEU Eco Reefer design and therefore we have also adapted this 2.500 Eco Feeder with its deckhouse on the forecastle deck, optimizing its container capacity and separating the accommodation from the IMO Type C LNG Tanks. Under full reefer load of 312 FEU, it has an LNG cruising range of up 6.700nm, the same range obtained when using MGO as a backup fuel in case of LNG shortage.

Its improved consumption and reduced emissions, including power take off, waste heat recovery and advanced battery systems for peak shaving, combined with a shore power connection, will help to bring your value chain into a green future.