Luna Story Foundation Clean-Up Project

30. December 2022

Lina Wörner

NSB co-sponsors Clean-Up Project in Mumbai, India

An Eyesea initiative

10,085 collected images and 12,600 kg recovered waste. This is the outcome of the Luna Story Foundation Clean-Up Project of Eyesea at Vasai Beach close to Mumbai, India.

Earlier this year we announced our involvement, together with our co-sponsors, in this project and shared first results. A few months later 30 clean ups with almost 900 volunteers took place and 600 kg of the garbage were able being recycled.

Similar projects in other severely affected regions of our planet are already being planned.

We are very proud to be part of the Eyesea story. Every picture and every pick-up counts! But we must not forget: Avoiding single use plastic is the most crucial part. There is still a lot to do. Let’s face it together, join Eyesea today and become a part of it!

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