Moving forward environmental-friendly propulsion for vessels

NSB Newbuilding department developed a concept of a containership fully powered on Liquified Natural Gas, in order to prepare for more sustainable ways of fueling vessels.

23. July 2021

Elise Catteau

ecoreefer NSB LNG

NSB Newbuilding department developed a concept of a fully LNG operated 3500 TEU container vessel with an increased Reefer container intake of about 940 FEU.

The deckhouse on the forecastle deck optimizes the container capacity and separates the accommodation from the IMO Type C LNG Tanks, carrying gas for about 5000nm under full reefer load, on the poop deck. In addition to the IMO Type C Tanks, an MGO tank is considered as back up in case of LNG shortage. Reducing gas consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases were one focus of this concept. A modern dual fuel, 2-stroke, slow speed, single-acting Main Engine with Waste Heat Recovery System and a battery system for peak shaving combined with a Shore Power Connection propel the vessel into a green future.

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