NSB and World Maritime University deepen partnership

14. February 2023

Lina Wörner

Education and knowledge

Four NSB managers held lectures at World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö

Sebastian Boll, VP Marine Operations of NSB GROUP returned from his trip to Malmö, Sweden, after holding a lecture at World Maritime University (WMU) and said: “It was a great opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences in ship management from an operational perspective with the students of the WMU. We had open, vital discussions and I really enjoyed the input of the young professionals!”

 Boll was one out of four NSB managers to visit the WMU in Malmö and holding a lecture for the master students. The topics of the sessions were “Digitalization in Shipping”, “Business Modell Third Party Ship Manager”, “Along the life cycle: Marine Employee Experience”, and “Technical Management”.

In December 2021, NSB has entered a partnership with WMU in Malmö by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The United Nations University trains international students in various maritime courses. The students are graduates and have job experiences in the maritime industry. Last year, three outstanding students were supervised in close cooperation with NSB during the preparation of their dissertations, two of whom have since become colleagues in Buxtehude.

“Especially in the current difficult times about recruiting specialists, we are very pleased about the addition of employees coming from such an elite university,” says Caroline Baumgärtner, VP People and Talent Development of NSB GROUP.

As a logical continuation of the partnership, Boll, Baumgärtner and two other managers recently visited Malmö as guest lecturers for students in the Shipping Logistics & Management and Port Management specializations.

Commenting on the deepening partnership, WMU President Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry said, “Industry linkages are invaluable to WMU. I am pleased to see that the MoU with NSB, a key industry partner, will continue, with both parties making significant efforts to advance the educational and research mission of WMU.”

Under a renewed partnership this year, three students in the Ocean, Sustainability, Governance and Management specialization will be supported by NSB on their research about threats and degradation of seagrass meadows and mangrove forests. The research will study social and ecological aspects of restorations of these important habitats since seagrasses as well as mangroves are essential ecosystems for carbon sequestration. The students will conduct the research in parts of Africa, and later visit NSB in Buxtehude to present findings, and discuss the results.
NSB has a tradition of over ten years in collaborating with universities. More than 80 scientific theses were written handling questions within the shipping company.

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