NSB is member of MACN

Collective action against bribery, and for the support of our crews: NSB GROUP joined the strong Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) and its community of more than 140 companies.

06. September 2021

Dominique Kreuzkam

Together we take action on a global scale against bribery. “Bribery is still a global problem, causing losses, unfair competencies and lack of transparency. It is our crews that need to tackle these stressful issues day-by-day. Thanks to the strong network of MACN we can now provide them with better tools and support them in handling these critical situations. We are proud to be member of MACN and we fully stand behind the principles of the network”, says Tim Ponath, CEO of NSB GROUP.

We demand high standards of safety, reliability and transparency whilst providing a high level of service and always meet our customers’ needs, and the safety of our people and the environment is our utmost concern. The MACN ethos of transparency, operational ethics and ending maritime corruption aligns closely with our own philosophy.

A carton of cigarettes, alcohol, cash: Again and again, the crews of our ships experience prohibited demands by third parties, for services in return. Often, third parties exert immense pressure on the ship’s management. In these cases, our crew is required to report this immediately and to prevent any form of corruption. With the membership in MACN, they now get better support.

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Dominique Kreuzkam

Head of Corporate Branding & Communication