NSB sponsors multi-purpose bicycle trailer for sustainability initiative in Buxtehude

03. July 2023

Lina Wörner


Joint sustainability project with the NSB GROUP

The initiative BUXTEHUDE IM WANDEL now has a versatile bicycle trailer that can be used, for example, for shopping, waste collection campaigns and tent camping with bicycles.

During a joint sustainability project with the NSB GROUP, the idea arose to equip the initiative with a trailer. The volunteer members can use it for various purposes and continue to implement their concern to use less fossil energy and make it visible on the streets of the city.

“I would like to thank everyone involved for this great project! It shows how effective cooperations can be in taking important steps towards more sustainability – and how well it can work. I am sure that we will implement more projects together in the future,” says Dr. Barbara Ruser from BUXTEHUDE IM WANDEL.

The project was supported by Tobias Rothenberg, who, in his spare time, converts no longer needed children’s trailers into cargo trailers in his project “Saving the Chariots”. Soon you can find dates for the workshop “Building Bicycle Trailers” on his website (http://tobias-rothenberg.de). The NSB GROUP provided several transport boxes and exchangeable advertising banners, the cargo trailer was donated by Tobias Rothenberg.

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