SAR operation off coast of Panama

At 5.50h lt. the general alarm on our container vessel CONTI MAKALU sounded. All crew stand-by! What has happened?

24. October 2020

Dominique Kreuzkam

SAR operation

Three hours earlier our container vessel was nominated to a SAR operation off Panama’s west coast: Vessel in distress on position Lat. 06/56.7 / Long 081 55.5W. No further details. CONTI MAKALU set course and approached the place of distress with full caution.
On-site, they finally found the fishing boat “Angel del Mar”. CONTI MAKALU moored the boat with four crew members alongside at port side. They claimed not to be in danger but completely ran out of stock of food, drinking water, lub oil, and fuel.
Our crew instantly supplied them with the needed products for eight days and the fishing boat was relieved at noontime, ready for their journey back home.
Afterward, CONTI MAKALU resumed her voyage to Panama.

Thanks to our crew and local authorities for good seamanship and cooperation!