„Você já sofreu preconceito por ser Brasileiro morando em um outro país?”

30. March 2023

Lina Wörner

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„Você já sofreu preconceito por ser Brasileiro morando em um outro país?”

This is one of the questions Felipe Salomão Banci is asked most often when he talks to his Brazilian friends and family. It means: “Have you ever suffered from prejudices because you are a Brazilian living in another country?”

Now that he has lived and worked in Germany for almost two years, he answers such questions with a single word: “Never!” When he is then asked to elaborate on this answer, he cites NSB as an example. In our working environment, his foreign background is not only accepted but also welcome.

As part of the Global Sales Team, one of his main tasks is to establish contacts with companies that might be interested in our services. As these companies are spread all over the globe, it seems to be a great advantage for him to be part of a company that promotes diversity. Felipe sees the team’s goal as understanding the needs of these potential clients, and diverse views are very helpful.

“I strongly believe that diversity is a crucial success factor for tackling complex challenges, because it brings together people from different backgrounds and therefore with different ideas. Moreover, such a diverse work environment allows me to constantly learn about other cultures and ways of life, which contributes to both my professional and personal development. After almost two years with the NSB team, I’m glad to have found a place where diversity is so valued and brand-new ideas are welcome.”

Felipe, we are happy that you have found this place in our midst!

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